Soul Ribbed and Studded Condom



SOUL Ribbed and Studded Condoms – The Stimulating Fit – Expertly designed to stimulate both partners:

  • Sized for ideal harmony between length, width, thickness and textures to stimulate both partners. Flared design for ideal comfort and increased sensation.
  • Made with the world’s best premium odorless natural latex.
  • Lubricated with velvety pure silicone lubricant.
  • Combination of Ribs and Studs in all the right places to maximize stimulation and pleasure.
  • Premium satin finish easy open foil that won’t ever ruin the moment.
  • Specifications:
    1. Fit – Regular Size
    2. Shape – Flared Ribbed and Studded
    3. Length – 180mm
    4. Width – 54mm
    5. Thickness – .065microns
    6. Tip Style – Reservoir Tip
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